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Time Clock - 3 Solutions Listed
Qqest Time Tracking Systems
Qqest's TimeForce is a completely scalable, integrated application that will proficiently meet the timekeeping and workforce management needs of your small to mid-sized business. Track employee time via wide selection of Qqest-built time clocks, or clock-in via telephone, web browser, or PDA. Managing your time data, employee profiles, scheduling and payroll calculation is easy and error free. Qqest serves over 30,000 businesses of all shapes and sizes so we're sure to have a solution for you.
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IT Computing Services
IT Computing Services’ ITCS-WebClock™ product line is a suite of time and attendance solutions from timesheet management and time accrual to workforce management. Capture time via the web time clock, telephone, PDA and biometric devices. The ITCS-WebClock is easy to use, timekeeping software that is designed to be affordable for all businesses. ITCS-WebClock features employee self service, payroll exports, job costing, time accrual management and more.
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BSoft Solutions, Inc
Time Force System
TimeForce replaces punch clocks, time cards, and time sheets with a simple, yet powerful software system. Employees simply swipe ID Badges or “show” Proximity Cards to a wall-mounted clock, place their finger on a biometric scanner, or enter their time on their computer or hand-held device. The system tracks all accruals and exceptions such as tardiness, absenteeism, and abuse of break or meal periods.

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