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One west 34th St. New York, NY 10001
+33 (0)1 41 88 02 02 | +33 (0)1 47 88 80 98 fax


The objective of HARRYSoftware is to offer the large organization a decision system that is competent to manage the company's data and facilitate better performance, customer service and margins.

Drawing on ten years' experience offering consultancy services to large companies in decision projects, the vision that is the basis of our company strategy can be encapsulated in three statements:

To associate decision-making system deployment and autonomy

To give each person in the company autonomous access to necessary information is one of the main indicators in the efficiency of the decision system. The end of hierarchical and Taylorian organizations, deregulation, and the development of business conditions have imposed this very specific and customized distribution of information.

To combine wealth and depth of functionalities and productivity

The enhancement of data linked to the development of the ERP and management systems, as well as the explosion of stored volumes, necessitate both ease of use and access to large amounts of data, all by authorizing complex and powerful manipulations. The pertinent applications must authorize all the sophistication necessary, by maintaining a large productivity level of development. This is the constant of HARRY.

To propose active participation of business users in deployment

The computer service aims to provide computing data (data warehouse and datamart), under an adapted form, and to do so consistently and securely. However, experience largely shows that it must propose a major functional responsibility to the user in order to benefit from trade relay in the distribution of information, and to minimize the analysis expenses and shorten the development cycles and circuits. The appropriation of the system by the trades is not an option. It is a requirement and one that is fully necessary with regard to piloting.

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Courbevoie Cedex, France

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