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  TeamWork Professional - Employee Scheduling & Time and Attendance Software
ScheduleSource, Inc.

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TeamWork Professional™  
ScheduleSource TeamWork Professional™ is our complete Workforce Management Solution for a centrally managed labor pool. It provides a total spectrum of technology solutions for managing any size workforce.

TeamWork Professional™ is scalable both in terms of number of users and software functionality, thus allowing the out of the box customization of the system to meet the needs of any organization without excess cost or complexity. It's fully integrated modular design allows our customers to migrate to additional functionality on their schedule, ensuring that functionality is there when needed, easily deployable and ready to use.

  • Core Scheduling
    The core scheduling product is our complete enterprise scheduling system. It provides the Scheduler with all of the tools to build and administer the schedules for an entire workforce.

  • Schedule Templates
    Standard Templates for identifying all shifts and stations to which labor is assigned. Compact Templates for summarizing work shifts and stations in an easy to use batch operation.

  • Automated Scheduling
    A fully automatic schedule assignment engine that enforces all of the workforce rules, including minimum/maximum shift length, minimum/maximum hours per day or week, consecutive days without a day off, skills, preferences, availabilities and more.

  • Flexible Scheduling
    Schedulers have full override capability and can easily edit shifts or stations, assign or remove employees, manage employee data, build new templates and quickly view schedules in a wide variety of customizable formats. All available and skilled employees for every station are always visible and assignable. Shift and schedule management is intuitive, logical and concise.

  • Shift Bidding
    An optional capability for building and administering a shift bidding system for employees. Schedulers build tour sets that are available for preferential selection by employees. Once bidding is complete the system awards schedules based on seniority or other criteria. Schedules are build directly from the awards. All scheduling rules, qualifications, credentials and skills are fully enforced.

  • Collaboration
    A completely integrated collaboration system with an encrypted messaging system, alerts and embedded email. Schedulers and employees can communicate quickly and easily be email or via an internal secure system.

  • Online Shift Trading
    The Swap Board is the tool for employee shift swaps and for scheduler posting of available but unassigned shifts. For employee swaps, when enabled, employees can post full or partial shifts which when claimed, are automatically transferred to the claimant. Skills and credentials are fully enforced. For Schedulers, all empty shifts are automatically posted to the board, allowing employees to claim scheduled shifts and build their schedules. Again, all employee work rules are fully enforced.

  • Audit
    Every scheduling change is captured, including what changed, who changed it and when. This system instantly resolves any scheduling change question.

  • Employee Portal
    Employees can log on to their account and see schedules, request time off, communicate with management and peers, use the swap board to build schedules or swap shifts, enter time and review critical personal data. It is also the access point for the shift bidding capability, when in use.

  • Training, Qualifications and Credentials Manager
    An optional module provides complete control and visibility of all qualifications and credentials. Qualifications and credentials are enforced in the schedules, thus preventing the assignment of personnel without qualifications or with missing or expired credentials. This is a very valuable tool for mitigating insurance liability in high risk areas such as emergency medicine, nursing or dangerous equipment operation.

  • Forecasting and Optimization
    This powerful tool is the ScheduleSource TeamWork module for evaluating customer demand over time, building the workforce headcounts needed to meet the customer demand, and building the fully optimized least hours staffing model that provides the enterprise with its most effective labor allocation business case. The optimized shift set can be analyzed and changed easily, and when finalized, is easily converted into schedule templates for use in building schedules.

  • Time and Attendance
    A complete system for managing the employee time in the enterprise. This rules based system includes customizable labor cost accounting, supports both time card or clock entries, supports all time clock device formats, and is fully enabled to enforce labor law rules at the federal, state, local or enterprise level. Roles based security ensures that edit/audit, approval and time submission to payroll are all conducted with appropriate privacy and accountability. The embedded audit system provides complete visibility into every event transaction in any pay period, allowing ease of review of payroll discrepancy issues.

  • Performance Measurement
    Supports incentive and award programs or discipline programs by providing data capture of performance based metrics such as tardiness, absenteeism or any other metric. Provides accountability for all employee remedial actions caused by performance related issues.

  • Reports
    Extremely capable reports for scheduling and time management, providing virtually any rollup or filter of data. Enterprise, group, crew or employee views, multiple formats. Very complete reports system for all levels of the organization.

TeamWork Professional™ is an incredibly effective system that can significantly improve the business processes surrounding workforce management. Realize instant ROI by reducing the enormous investment in time currently devoted to scheduling and schedule administration. Easy to learn, easy to deploy, yet powerful and complete.


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