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  MultiCalendar: Employee Scheduling Software
MultiCalendar Technology Limited, LLC.

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What can MultiCalendar do for you?

Scheduling software for employee, staff, project, event, school, construction, production, recreation, shift, client, office, patient, room, conference room, lab, limo, resource, delivery, facility, group, maintenance, nursing, vehicle, service, tennis, beauty salon, contractor, medical, call center, routing, training, job, health club,vacation, class, spa, equipment, member, seminar, church, lab, workforce, etc

  • Scheduling Appointment / Event Calendar and Task.
    Schedule and reschedule appointments, events is as easy as "Drag and Drop", "Point and Click".

  • Print Day View, Workday View, Week View, Month View calendar and task.
    Support printing calendar and task list in many view options and any time scale options, including daily calendar, work day (5-day) calendar, weekly calendar, monthly calendar print.

  • Make all of your resources scheduled and organized.
    Any time-consuming entity can be treated as a resource in MultiCalendar. For example, a lawyer, a consultant, a club, a meeting room, a call center staff, etc. You can have the tidy and clean view of all arrangements of resource in MultiCalendar.

  • Schedule Appointment / Event in Different Color and Icons.
    Use smart colors and unique & meaningful icons to stand for different event types.

  • Remind you any Event / Task.
    Make yourself be reminded in advance.

  • Share Appointment/Event among resources.
    It's really time-saving to share events among resources.

  • Calculate Appointment/Event statistics easily.
    Get detail statistics of time expense for any resource. 

Multiple time-consuming resource scheduling
MultiCalendar supports multiple time-consuming resource scheduling. What's resource in MultiCalendar? Any time-consuming entity can be a resource in MultiCalendar, for example, a meeting room, a consultant, a club, etc. You can select a meaningful icon and a different color for each resource and arrange the resource horizontal sort order to make it easy to do scheduling for all resources.

Calendar, task, and contacts management
Manage the appointment/event calendar, task list and contacts in one software.
MultiCalendar sets each time-consuming resource a separate appointment/event calendar and a task list. Manage appointment/event/task among many resource now becomes as easy as just point and click, drag and drop.

Synchronization with Palm unit and Pocket PC unit
Powerful plug-ins make you able to do two-way synchronization with both Palm Unit and Pocket PC unit.

Easily immigrating from Microsoft Outlook
Outlook data import plug-in makes you easily transfer all of your appointments from Microsoft Outlook to MultiCalendar.

Print day view, workday view, week view, month view calendar and task
You can print either the selected resource's report or all-visible resources report. For the selected resource's report, there are six different reports available.

Drag & drop to schedule events in the same resource or among the different resources
Want to schedule a task which has been on the task list as an appointment? No problem, just drag and drop the task from the task list on the calendar and done!

Take a look at the statistics and print a detailed statistics for each event types for any resource.

Flexibility and customization
Customizable event types (Appointment, ToDo, Call, Meeting, Writing, etc) and customizable event categories(Important, Business, Personal, Vacation, Must Attend, Travel Required, Needs Preparation, Birthday, Anniversary, etc.)

License and upgrades
MultiCalendar Personal/Professional/Enterprise Edition's licenses are different only on the maximum resource numbers. For Personal Edition, the maximum resource number is three(3), for Professional Edition, the maximum resource number is eight(8), and for Enterprise Edition, there is no resource number limit. All online purchasing orders will be handled in real time, and the license details will be sent to you immediately after your ordering information has been confirmed. And for upgrades, you will have free updates until next major version. I.e. if you buy version 1.1.0, you will have free updates until version 1.9.9 is reached. And if a major version released within the first year after you purchase, you can also get this major version upgrade free.


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