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Risk Management Software - 5 Solutions Listed
Paisley Consulting
Risk Navigatorô
Risk Navigatorô was designed to help companies comply with Sarbanes-Oxley and establish long-term corporate governance and risk management practices. Itís an immediate solution today, with the ability for full enterprise risk and control management for tomorrow. Risk Navigatorô is one solution that provides total enterprise risk management control.
Chordiant Decision Management
Chordiant Decision Management comprises a suite of active decision management offerings which is proven not only to help businesses make better decisions, but also to implement those decisions in each customer contact and monitor the results. This ensures a far more responsive, customer-focused and ultimately successful business.
Enterprise Risk Assessor
Enterprise Risk Assessor (ERA) is enterprise risk management software that provides a process for the identification and control of business risks, including facilitating the recording, assessment, treatment, monitoring and reporting of risks across an organisation.
Risk Management Technologies
First Priority Enterprise
RMT's state-of-the-art solution for enterprise-level risk management using the latest Internet technologies. First Priority Enterprise functionality gives organisations the advantage of deploying a risk management solution to any site in the world via the Internet. End users can log in and record, assess, address and report on hazards or incidents using their web browser.
Kamakura Corporation
Kamakura Risk Manager Vision
Kamakura Risk Manager is the first software package in the world which provides fully integrated default probability estimation, credit adjusted value at risk, net income and balance sheet simulation, and performance measurement
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