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Electrical Engineering Software - 5 Solutions Listed
XFusion Software
TimeGen is an engineering CAD tool which allows a digital design engineer the capability to quickly and effectively draw digital timing diagrams. The waveforms can easily be exported to other Window programs, such as Microsoft Word, for use in writing design specifications.
EMI Software LLC
EMI Software
EMI Software develops electromagnetic interference prediction software for electronics designers and engineers. EMI Software bridges the gap between circuit design and electromagnetics so you can quickly identify potential problems and optimize your circuits, filters, and cabling designs. Our computer models are developed and refined by NARTE-certified EMC engineers, and draw on extensive experience from test laboratories, technicians, engineers, mathematicians and technical publications.
Comsol, Inc
FEMLAB - Multiphysics Modeling
FEMLAB is an interactive environment to model single and coupled phenomena based on partial differential equations (PDEs) — the equations that underlie most science and engineering applications. In FEMLAB you can choose from a number of predefined physics, modify our predefined equations, and write your own.
AcadAME Software Development
ESCHED tracks all Connected, Demand, Continuous and Non Continuous Loads in your electrical system. The largest motor and its connection, is indicated in each schedule. All Loads are automatically updated. Equipment size is estimated based on the Loads using N.E.C. calculations. Evaluate, Comment and easily Process the Shop Drawings in each project. Assign the Specification Section Number and choose if the shop drawings are Approved, Resubmitted or Rejected. Track the Received By and Review By, Dates, Status, and Print a Shop Drawing Report.
Dolphins Software
Volts 3.35
Volts comprises an integrated collection of electrical analysis modules and calculators into one unique, easy to use tool. You'll go beyond simple number crunching with the power to effectively deal with electrical devices, conductors, circuit breakers, transformers, generators, motors, electrical panels, conduit, junction boxes, cable trays and more, with the assurance of knowing the computations are as specified and required by the 2005 NFPA National Electrical Code® and IEEE.
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