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Document Management - 30 Solutions Listed
Blueridge Software Inc.
Contract Assistant: Contract Management Software
Blueridge Software is a leader in providing affordable easy to use contract management software.

Our range of Contract Assistant products is designed to help individuals, small to mid-sized businesses, and large enterprises manage all types of contracts and negotiated agreements with confidence.

With Contract Assistant you can quickly access important information, generate reports, receive automatic reminders of critical dates and more…
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Quadrom Services
FileHawk - Intelligent File Management Software for Desktop and Removable devices
FileHawk, an advanced indexing and searching program, is an effective way to find and organize documents in your computer, removable devices (e.g. CDs, USB drives) and network by their contents. It's designed for any computer user that needs an easy tool to manage their documents. Use FileHawk as a central point from which to work. FileHawk finds all of your documents and organizes them according to your personal search criteria. FileHawk also helps you catalog and manage removable devices. For example, if you are looking for a document stored on a CD, instead of guessing which CD the file is on and performing a file search one by one, FileHawk will save you time by telling you where it is even if the CD is not in the computer at the time of the search.  more »
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Our collaboration products offer a unique solution designed to improve the process of document collaboration and review while leveraging the skills and knowledge of an organization’s workforce. These solutions allow small to large groups of users to simultaneous contribute to the creation of a single document.
Cognecy Solutions, LLC
DIS-Imaging™ is a unique Document Imaging and Document Management Solution utilizing embedded PDF Technology. User definable Document Labels, organized into categories, are embedded into the PDF and surrounded with Meta-data Tags. The result is a web-enabled document that can be indexed, searched for by keyword, and retrieved instantly.
Windfire Technology
Enterprise information management applications | WindFire Technology
WindFire J2EE application suite combines enterprise content management (ECM), business process management, and virtual repository management into a scalable enterprise information management system -- built on a J2EE, XML, Unicode and a web-based foundation.
Carmen Document Control
This powerful search engine finds the document you want--everytime. Search by keywords, text in a title, notes, file name or other criteria. Filter by document status, library and/or project. Easily open the document for editing, viewing, printing or sign-out. Never lose a document again!
DocuXplorer Enterprise
DocuXplorer Software, powerful document management software that is easy-to-use and affordable for any size business
ITIS Consulting and Marketing
ScanFile is a professional document management solution which provides simple and speedy index, storage and retrieval facilities for scanned and electronic format documents. The design philosophy of ScanFile is ease of use - making all the functions required of a document management system readily available using a screen design that is intuitive.
Docubase Systems Inc.
Docubase Enterprise
The first step in document processing is to digitize. Docubase Enterprise features two scanning modules that are designed to handle different volume levels: "Production": for scanning large quantities of document batches "Ad-hoc": to capture selected documents
Boston Business Technologies
DocSurfer Document Management Software
DocSurfer is built to standards for any size company. It is written in Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP) and operates on SQL Server, Microsoft enterprise-level database, or MSDE, the Microsoft core SQL database engine. It is fully ODBC (Open Data Base Connectivity) compliant, and can share information with other ODBC compliant software.
The Monticello Corporation
Kiplinger Taming the Paper Tiger Software
The Paper Tiger is a revolutionary software product designed to help people overcome the problem of paper overload. The Paper Tiger combines an easy-to-use computer indexing system with the proven paper-management methods of the nations leading authority on organizing, Barbara Hemphill.
Captiva Software
FormWare offers a universal capture platform to manage business-critical information from forms, documents and electronic data streams into an enterprise in an accurate, timely and cost-effective manner that leads to significant cost savings. It is used by companies worldwide to extract information from forms of all types including medical and other insurance claims, invoices, credit applications, tax returns, order-entry forms - and those that need to store and retrieve documents, such as correspondence, legal briefs, resumes and other documents.
Optical Image Technology
DocFinity™ - Enterprise Wide Document Management Systems
Robust electronic document management system software for both large global corporations with enterprise wide document managements systems and corporations with smaller needs
Digital Storage Solutions
PaperVision Enterprise
PaperVision Enterprise features unlimited scalability and reliability, vigorous security and state-of-the-art interoperability. With unfaltering power under the hood and ultra-flexible architecture, PaperVision Enterprise offers the same elegant ease-of-use inherent in all Digitech software products.
KM Technologies
work2gether is a collaborative application, accessible via the internet, that provides efficient communication across a dispersed environment (clients, suppliers, collaborators, investors…). work2gether is specially designed for inter-enterprise collaboration (project consultation, research & development, audit, financing, acquisitions...).
Mindbridge Inc
IntraSmart - Intranet Software
A centralized listing of common documents with a search. Eliminate document distribution. Have a consistent look and feel to all the documents (fax cover sheets, Directions, Product/Service literature, Power Point presentations etc…). Just go to the Online Document Library and download or print out the latest copy. Rapidly set up an Intranet or add functionality to an existing Intranet with IntraSmart Intranet Software. Download free Intranet Software now.
Cyber Sea
Proposal Kit
Proposal Kit Pro and Proposal Kit Standard: Our interview, planning, estimate, contract and sample proposal collections have been created by and for tech professionals, including web developers, CD-ROM developers, graphic artists, writers, software developers, hardware/IT professionals and consultants. See our Proposal Kit bundles, Contract Packs, Estimate Packs, Web Plan Kits and Interview Software for tech professionals.
Digi-Docs - Secure Electronic Documents
Digi-Docs™ is a method of producing paper documents that can be delivered electronically to the end user but that cannot be copied, altered of forged.
Core Business Solutions
docBase DIRECT - Document Control Software
Complete document and workflow support for document control, process audits, corrective action, non-conformance, calibration, management review and much more.
Coordinates work on any type of file from anyone, anywhere. Enables information and work sharing, while maintaining effective change control.

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