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Commission - 8 Solutions Listed
Online CRM billing software
Administration123 is a leading online CRM billing solution provider that gives its clients a complete view of their customers - from the initial lead and interaction to payment and customer service. Administration123 works with companies that have demanding customer and billing management needs globally. With Administration123 clients have a powerful, easy-to-use solution to manage sales processes, customer service, marketing and partner programs.
Halogen Software
Halogen eCompensation - management of pay for performance programs
Halogen eCompensation™ is an easy to use, web-based solution that greatly simplifies and automates the entire compensation adjustment process including budget distribution and approvals. It provides all levels of management with secure, simple to use tools to allocate merit-based compensation including base salary, variable pay, bonus pay, and stock options.  more »
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Prosperiti Workforce Performance Suite
Prosperiti Workforce Performance Suite is the most advanced software of its kind, providing the platform, tools and applications to align your employees' performance with your company's strategic business objectives. Prosperiti Business Solutions provide the know-how and hands-on expertise to help you assess, design and implement the performance and reward programs that will boost the effectiveness of your enterprise performance solutions.
CellarStone Inc.
QCommission: Sales Commission Software
QCommission is a powerful, flexible sales commission software. It calculates your sales people’s compensation, accurately, quickly and professionally. QCommission is integrated with QuickBooks but can also be operated as stand alone. QCommission is designed to support US Editions of QuickBooks 2002, 2003, 2004 & 2005 (Pro, Premier and Accountant Editions) and Canadian Editions also.  more »
AccountPro Software
AccountPro Sales Commission Platinum Software
The AccountPro Sales Commission Platinum software module may be used as a standalone module or used in conjunction with the optional (not required)Invoicing module to provide effortless calculations of salespersons commissions.  more »
Captiva Software
Take CONTROL of your Commissions! First year and renewal commissions, Chart progress towards sales goals, Group benefits with variable premium payments, Universal life with target and excess commission rates, Base and override commissions, Annualized commissions. CommissionsDue is a powerful and flexible system that handles all this complexity and more.  more »
Seradex ERP
Seradex ERP has a flexible Sales Commissions software tool with the Advanced Commission Tracking module. It is an add-on module that integrates with Seradex ERP at Sales Order and Invoice processing.  more »
Centive Compel: Real-time Sales Performance Metrics
Centive Compel™ is the leading on-demand sales compensation management solution. Sales executives use Compel to gain real-time visibility into sales performance metrics and effectively manage their teams for peak performance and results. For finance executives and compensation analysts, Compel ensures accuracy, audit-ability and security through a centralized, automated commission accounting system.
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