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Classroom Management Software - 5 Solutions Listed
Daymark Software Systems
School Partner V4.1
Control and track your most important information, including: teachers, students, parents, class schedules, grade levels and promotions, and all medical and incidental notes. Customized student billing codes for easy, accurate and flexible information and reports, including: invoices, receipts, deposit lists, past due and late fee lists, and statements. Tracks attendance and generates numerous reports including: average daily attendance, absences and tardies by class/date, individual student reports, and warning reports for excessive absences or tardiesSmoothly and accurately assigns and schedules teachers and students for a large K-12 or small daycare facility. Provides complete and thorough analysis of classes/teachers/students needs, including unique time grid of pertinent information.
SchoolWorks, Inc
Data Management Software
School Office helps principals, secretaries, and counselors keep up-to-date, accurate student records. This complete system tracks student attendance, disipline, schedules, grades, health, and more.
SchoolWorks, Inc
Classroom Data Management
GradeQuick is the nation's best selling and most user friendly teacher grade book. With a click of the mouse, your main screen can show more than just test scores and averages; it can display numerous statistics and personal student data fields, such as percentiles, subtotals, full length test names, nicknames, birthdays, and addresses, just to name a few. The flexibility to customize the main screen is unique on the gradebook market, and just one reason why GradeQuick continues to lead the field.
Computer Resources LLC
Student Management Software
MMS Generations includes systems for all aspects of student management. MMS helps manage and organize the data you need to make the best decisions for your school or district.
Veplan Complete School Management
Veplan is the only school management platform that delivers enterprise level functionality at an affordable price. Veplan meets the challenges faced by educational and training organizations with a functionally rich, fully integrated software solution that allows you to manage, streamline and centralize virtually every aspect of your organization, from course and class management to enrollment, tuition, scholarships, grading, attendance, events, donations, marketing, reporting, facilities management and beyond, all within a single solution.  more
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