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Business Performance Management - 14 Solutions Listed
Geac Performance Management
Geac Performance Mangement is solely focused on providing business performance management solutions that help businesses implement and execute strategy. Our software combines innovative technology with financial best practices to turn budgeting, planning, forecasting, financial consolidation, reporting and analysis, and expense management into a continuous process fueled by real-time performance measurement.
OutlookSoft Corporation
OutlookSoft EAP - Web-based Business Performance Management (BPM)
OutlookSoft EAP is a unified, web-based business performance management (BPM) solution for real-time strategic planning, budgeting, forecasting, financial consolidation, reporting, analysis, and scorecarding. Free demo.
Clarity Systems
Clarity Performance Management
Clarity Performance Management (CPM) is a suite of tightly integrated, highly scalable, web-based applications that support all aspects of Corporate Performance Management. Clarity Performance Management enables organizations to measure actions against their unique business strategies in order to ensure that the objectives, strategies and actions of an organization are aligned at all levels, across the enterprise.
TM1 Planning
TM1 Planning eliminates the frustration of complicated, disconnected software, and the limitations, time and labor involved in spreadsheet-based business planning and analysis. With TM1, you can streamline planning, budgeting, forecasting, reporting, and analysis - all on a single platform.
A3 Solutions
A3 Profit Center XP: Enterprise Budgeting, Reporting and Performance Management
A3 Profit Center is the client-server inspiration for the new, Web-architected A3 Modeling. Proven in production in some of the world's largest enterprises, this workhorse continues to deliver efficiency and productivity 10 years and three major releases since its inception in 1996.
Armstrong Laing
Predictive Planning: Enterprise Performance Optimisation Solution
Predictive Planning is a budgeting software application that goes beyond improving the efficiency of planning and budgeting. It adds value to the process, focusing managers on the future demands facing the enterprise and encouraging them to collaborate and optimize resources.
Cartesis ES Planning: Strategically Align Your Planning and Performance
A web-based and out-of-the-box application unifying all key processes in a single interface: budgeting, planning, modeling, forecasting, reporting and analysis.
Amadeus International
eQRP: Improve Your Performance and Reduce Your Risks
Amadeus’ Client-Server Software Solution enables your organization to manage and continuously improve business performances by conducting integrated management of your processes. Your organization will then comply with various standards such as quality, environment, occupational health and safety, and management frameworks such as 6 Sigma, cGxP.
BST Global
BST Enterprise: Win, Execute, Manage & Analyze Work
BST Enterprise, the flagship solution of BST Global, is web- and portal-based -- delivering relevant, real-time, focused information to project-driven organizations. Anytime, anyplace, users have direct Internet access to their enterprise system. Helping businesses win, manage execute and analyze work, BST Enterprise includes solutions for enterprise resource planning, client relationship management, enterprise project management and business intelligence.
Centive Compel: Real-time Sales Performance Metrics
Centive Compel™ is the leading on-demand sales compensation management solution. Sales executives use Compel to gain real-time visibility into sales performance metrics and effectively manage their teams for peak performance and results. For finance executives and compensation analysts, Compel ensures accuracy, audit-ability and security through a centralized, automated commission accounting system.
Enterprise Performance Systems
Enterprise Budget Manager: Budgeting/Productivity Software
The Enterprise Budget Manager (EBM) is a web-based, distributed flexible budget, financial modeling and forecasting tool that can drastically improve the efficiency and accuracy of your financial planning process. EBM performs detailed salary and wage planning, (down to the employee level). It also monitors and reports productivity by Job Class against any external or internal targets.
Discover HARRY, the Suite of Business Performance Management components for the Web and Windows covering the intensive analysis of data (query, reporting, HOLAP and VOLAP) right until Web application or intranet development. The HARRY Suite lets the user realize numerous applications for Reporting, Financial control, Follow-up of marketing objectives, Analytic CRM, Interactive relations with the clients or partners, Information portal.
InsightVison: Business Intelligence Software
InsightVison is a user-friendly, cost-effective, Web-based Balanced Scorecard application that facilitates communication and alignment of strategy with people and resources for breakthrough results. InsightVision enables companies to articulate, communicate, drive, and measure business performance by translating vision into specific, measurable, prioritized objectives and initiatives. Using InsightVision, organizations can engage everyone in developing a high-performance, strategy-focused culture.
KCI Computing
Building on more than 25 years of domain expertise, KCI provides a dynamic, cost-effective corporate performance management (CPM) solution that offers organizations of all sizes the real-time insight needed to plan, assess and drive corporate performance. KCI's hallmark product, CONTROL®, leverages relational technology to unite critical financial and operational data to deliver the cohesive and transparent view necessary to align strategy and action.
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